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2018-05-20: Replace Picasa Flash with Google Slides and use Lazy Load for the albums images

Remove the Picasa Web using Flash. The slideshows are now displayed with Google Slides.

Use Lazy Load for the albums images.

2015-11-04: Album - Major Update

Major update to the Albums section, which now displays descriptions for most photos.

Photos can now be viewed in a Gallery mode, which also works on touch screens.

2014-11-29: Website redesigned - Bootstrap

The website is redesigned, replacing Wordpress with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is not a content management system, but rather a collection of tools (framework CSS/JS) developed by Twitter.

It allows web pages to dynamically adapt the format of the media on which they are consulted (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Moreover, it makes the website much faster than with Wordpress (using an heavy engine and a database).

2013-10-14: FFXIV Signature Banner - Major Update

Many new features were added to my FFXIV Signature Banner application: you can now individually hide most of the banner sections !

And it is now completely translated in French and partially in German and Japanese!

If you know any of these language and want to proofread what I translated or can translate the remaining text in German or Japanese, let me know ! :)

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