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Japan 2010


Here is the summary of the things I did in my Japan 2010 (Tokyo) trip:

Note: Italics shows that I didn't saw the inside

  • Saturday September 4th: Arrived super early at the airport, but forgot 2/3 of my money on my bed! So I took the taxi to pick it up, and arrived just in time for boarding, Phew!
  • Sunday September 5th: Monique and Yak-kun came to pick me up at the airport (they are nice!) left my luggage at the Super Hotel Ichikawa Myoden (my room is small, no wardrobe and "claustrophobic toilet", but the bed is good). Dinner at an Izakaya (traditional bar/food sitting on the ground) with Kumiko, the wife of Yak-kun.
  • Monday September 6th: Visit Nihombashi and Ginza. First breakfast (a buffet lunch Japanese style is included in the price of the hotel), bridge Nihombashi, Bridgestone Museum is closed on Mondays, a Japanese Jehovah's witness wanted to share her believes at an intersection, visit of stationery Ito-ya, which is worth a visit, I was lost in Ginza try to find a specific store that I never was able to find, shop at the store Hakuhinkan Toy Park, and an evening with Monique at a disc store (looking for dance songs Bon Odori) followed by an excellent Mos Burger!
  • Tuesday September 7th: Visit Shinjuku. Woke up with a view of Mount Fuji. Free Observatory of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to see it from closer, but it was already hidden! This morning will be the only time of my trip, when it will not be hidden. Walk amongst the skyscrapers skies of Nishishinjuku, Seiji Togo Museum of Art was closed for preparation of a new exhibition, shop at a Don Quijote store, walk in the Kabukicho (part of Shinjuku with bars and other amusements), shop at a Bic Camera store, taste a CC Lemon drink in front of the Alta Studio building and shop at a Tokyu Hands store.
  • Wednesday September 8th: Visit Ikebukuro. The tail of Typhoon Malou brings lots of rain, so indoor day it is! Visit the Japan Traditional Craft Center Museum, shop at a Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store, a Book Off (manga Azumanga Daioh) store, a Tokyu Hands (which has a cat café on the 8th floor named Nekobukuro, but I did not enter). Visit the Sunshine City shopping centre, including the Toyota Amlux Museum and the Namja Town amusement park (and its sections of food fair of gyoza and ice cream!). Shop at Donguri Kyowako store, which contains only items from Studio Ghibli (including Totoro!!!).
  • Thursday September 9th: Visit Asakusa. The Asahi Beer Hall surmounted by its golden turd, the Tokyo Sky Tree under construction in the background. Visit of the Sensō-ji, starting with his Kaminarimon gate, followed with the Nakamise Dori street (best place to buy all your gifts!), Chingodo-ji shrine (dedicated to the Tanuki! which is hard to find, and must be the most quiet place of Tokyo...), and the Asakusa jinja. Visit the Kappabashi dori street, dedicated to the restaurant equipments (the most interesting ones are the resin dishes used in restaurant displays). Visit Inaricho containing many religious items stores (including very nice carved furniture).
  • Friday September 10th: Visit Kiba and Tsukishima. Afternoon with Minami. Visit Studio Ghibli's exhibition "Karigurashi no Arrietty" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in Kiba, followed by a meal of Monjayaki, Okonomiyaki, and Udontaki on the Monja Street of Tsukishima artificial island. Return to the hotel for some games of Jubeat Knit. Evening with Monique, Kumiko and Yak-kun at the Chez Jack's Pub.
  • Saturday September 11th: Visit Harajuku and Omotesando. Slow morning used to wash clothes at the hotel. Visit Meiji Jingu Shrine (to the sound of the cicadas and view 2 traditional japanese weddings!). Walk on the Takeshita-dōri (concentrating a great number of stores dressing among others the Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, and the Cosplay). Artistic evening at Design Festa Gallery with the exhibition of a collective of artists, including Yak-kun (his ceramics) and Monique (her Japanese folk dance demonstration). Okonomiyaki and Monja dinner with the group, followed with a walk on the Omotesando street.
  • Sunday September 12th: Visit Ebisu, Roppongi, and Minato. Morning at the arcade playing Taiko no Tatsujin. Afternoon with Monique, Kumiko and Yak-kun: visit the Yebisu beer museum (with beer tasting), the château Restaurant Taillevent-Robuchon, huge sculpture of a spider nammed MOM, the Tokyo tower and dinner at a Yakiniku (Korean barbecue).
  • Monday September 13th: Visit Shibuya, Odaiba and Shimbashi. Famous sculpture of the dog Hatchiko, walk in the love hotels district, shop at 109, Mandarake (manga and figurines) and Tokyu Hands, CC Lemon Hall, overview of Odaiba in its driverless elevated train on the Yurikamome line, crossing the Rainbow Bridge, supper at Mos Burger (where I heard the song Quand les hommes vivront d'amour in french!).
  • Tuesday September 14th: Visit Ueno. Walk in the Ueno Kōen park, including the Bentendō shrine at the centre of a magnificent natural Shinobazu pond full of lotus. Visit the National Museum of Western art. Walk in the neighborhood, including its commercial district Ameya yokocho (Ameyoko).
  • Wednesday September 15th: Visit Chiyoda-ku. Visit the gardens around the imperial palace and an Adrift in Tokyo tour (a Joe Odagiri film). Hanzōmon gate and Sakurada-bori moat, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Sakurada-mon gate, Kōkyo gaien garden, Ote-my gate and Nijubashi bridge, Higashi-Gyoen garden, remnants of the Edo Castle, the Nippon Budokan amphitheatre and visit to the controversial Yasukuni-Jinja shrine and its Yūshūkan Museum on the Japan's military history.
  • Thursday September 16th: Lots of rain, so another slow morning to wash clothes at the hotel, followed with a Doria (Japanese gratin served on rice) dinner and for dessert a lion's mane of donuts hole at Mister Donut.
  • Friday September 17th: Visit Nezu, Asakasa and Odaiba. Visit the lovely sanctuary Nezu Jinja and its hundred vermilion torii and walk around the neighborhood. Visit the sanctuary Myogonji (Toyokawa Inari) in Asakasa followed by a meal at First Kitchen in Minato. Afternoon in Odaiba, with a visit to the Venus Fort shopping center, the headquarters of Fuji TV and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Overview of Himiko, the Tokyo Cruise Ship boat-bus linking Odaiba and Asakusa. It was designed by Leiji Matsumoto, the manga artist who created Harlock.
  • Saturday September 18th: Visit Akihabara. Walk in Akihabara with Monique and Yok-kun in several small video games, manga and figurines shops, ending at the Hijiribashi bridge. This bridge at Ochanomizu Station is a good place to take pictures of trains as 2 metro station meet there, one of them crossing the river Kandagawa.
  • Sunday September 19th: Visit Sawara. Visit the traditional village of Sawada, known as the 'Little Edo', with Monique, Kumiko, Yak-kun and the family of a friend. Visit the Katori Jingu shrine and the sake brewery Tokun Shizo. Soba lunch, where I took so long to eat with chopsticks that the noodles sticked, which has made them laugh! Visit a large lake at the Mizu-no-Sato Roadside station, at the mouth of the Onogawa and Tonegawa rivers.
  • Monday September 20th: Visit Iidabashi, Konenji and Nakano. Walking day with Monique. Visit Koishikawa Korakuen park, including its Tsutenkyo vermilion bridge. Short stop at Konenji where Monique dance troupe rehearsals. End of the day in Nakano, famous for the Nakano Broadway shopping center containing a multitude of shops of cartoons, video games and collectibles of all kinds.
  • Tuesday September 21st: Typhoon Malakas brings a lot of rain, so took a full day of rest.
  • Wednesday September 22nd: Visit Kasai, Kagurazaka and Hibiya. Visit the Tokyo Metro Museum in Kasai, well hidden under the tracks of the elevated subway! Walk in the Kagurazaka district and visit its sanctuary Akagi Jinja. Visit the share Hibiya Koen ending with a walk in the Yurakucho district.
  • Thursday September 23rd: Visit Narita and airplane. Visit with Monique, Kumiko and Yak-kun of the Narita-san Shinshō-ji shrine, followed with a Japanese curry farewell dinner.

Complete Picture Albums

Here are my picture albums from Japan in 2008. Each 1430 picture have a description to understand what is shown.

Here are my picture albums from Japan in 2008. Each 1430 picture have a description to understand what is shown.

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