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Japan 2008


Here is the summary of the things I did in my Japan 2008 (Kyoto, Osaka et Nara) trip:

Note: Italics shows that I didn't saw the inside

  • Monday May 12th 2008: Lost my brand new cap, Plane with a student group, a little bit of sleep in the plane.
  • Tuesday May 13th 2008: Landing at Osaka airport, help an australian tourist without preparation in the train to Osaka, surprise: nobody speaks english in the Osaka station ! Meeting with Secosse, meal and quick look at the underground city.
  • Wednesday May 14th 2008: Purchase a new hat, Osaka Castle, Namba and Dotonbori district (pachinko, ramen and Taiko no Tatsujin drum game!)
  • Thursday May 15th 2008: Train to Kyoto, Kyoto subway and find the Rohji apartment (a big thank you to the people who have helped us, because the houses have no addresses). Meeting Akiko and Mr Shibata. Walk Furukawacho shopping arcade and along the Takasegawa canal. Japan Experience - Rohji House
  • Friday May 16th 2008: Heian Shrine and its garden, Shoren-in Temple, Chion-in Temple, Maruyama Park, Yasaka Shrine, Gion district (the Geishas :)), Tatsumi sanctuary and the Sanjo shopping arcade.
  • Saturday May 17th 2008: Wake up by a japanese Jehovah Witness, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Ryozen Kannon Temple, Kodai-ji Temple, walk in Gion district and meeting false Geishas, Pontocho Kaburenjo Geisha show and meeting a real Geisha, visit the Takashimaya department store.
  • Sunday May 18th 2008: Sanjusangen-do Temple, Kyoto National Museum (free for this day only!), Tofuku-ji Temple and its garden and bridges, followed by a city tour in a municipal bus (a very bad idea :D ).
  • Monday May 19th 2008: Moving, find the Demachi apartment, meeting Yoko, exploration of the area followed by cloth washing and television (due to rain). Japan Experience - Demachi House
  • Tuesday May 20th 2008: Charm # 1 of the Demachi apartment: awakening with japanese drums from 8 to 8:30 am by the monks of the neighbour temple, International manga museum of Kyoto, Kyoto town hall, Kyoto station, Kyoto Tower, Kyoto Tezuka shop (Astroboy !!!).
  • Wednesday May 21th 2008: Charm # 2 of the Demachi apartment: Peeping old lady looking in our window at our shower :), Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion Temple), Ryoan-ji Temple (Dragon rest's Temple), Zuiho-in garden of the Daitoku-ji Temple, Teramachi shopping arcade and walk on the Pontocho, empty bar on the Pontocho not knowing what a rum and coke is and preferring to watch baseball instead of serving us drinks, TV show in french: language course, using the transport as example and repeating that trains in France are always on strike! :D
  • Thursday May 22th 2008: Day in the Kyoto Arashiyama district: ride the "romantic train" along the Hozu-gawa river, Togetsukyo Bridge (Bridge which crosses the moon) and bamboo forest appearing in several films, including Memoirs of a Geisha.
  • Friday May 23th 2008: Buying stamps and sending postcards (tougher assignment that is seems ! ;)), Hakusasonso garden, Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Pavilion Temple), walk on the Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosopher's Walk), Otoyo-jinja Shrine, Kumano Nyakuoji Jinja Shrine, Nanzen-ji Temple (inside will be done on may 28), Teramachi shopping arcade and visit the Hankyu department store.
  • Saturday May 24th 2008: Rainy day, cloth washing, visit the Daimaru department store (with its huge grocery store in the basement), Nishiki street market shopping arcade (Nishiki Ichiba), Teramachi shopping arcade and TV drama Gokusen ( very funny, a teacher that is the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss).
  • Sunday May 25th 2008: 1st day solo, rest to recover in anticipation of Nara's visit tomorrow, c coquet internet cafe (not French at all). Secosse went to the Ayumi Hamasaki concert (called the Empress of J-Pop) in Osaka.
  • Monday May 26th 2008: Nara Day: Train from Kyoto to Nara, meeting with Sika deers (there are 1,200 walking freely in Nara), Kofuku-ji Temple (and its 5-storey pagoda), Nara park, Todai-ji Temple: Nandaimon door (Great South door) and Daibutsuden (the largest wooden building in the world), Shoso-in (attic were was stored over 3000 objects of the Emperor), Nigatsu-do Hall temple (and his long staircase!), Tamuke-yama Sanctuary, Kasuga Taisha Shrine (and signing autographs for the homeworks of young Japanese students), shopping arcade near Nara station and return by train to Kyoto (at the same time as the japanese adolescents students classes).
  • Tuesday May 27th 2008: 2nd day solo, Fushimi Inari Shrine (only the first third, the mountain is covered with Torii! :D), meeting a 6 year old girl using a mobile phone on the bus and Kamigamo Shrine.
  • Wednesday May 28th 2008: Nanzen-ji Temple (inside and gardens), Ten Juan garden, helping 2 American women, Nijo-jo castle, Teramachi shopping arcade (DVD backup of our photos, models and game arcades) and restaurant at the top of Hankyu department store.
  • Thursday May 29th 2008: Rainy day, preparation of our baggages, arcade day ended with our last dessert at the restaurant serving huge sundaes on Kawaramachi.
  • Friday May 30th 2008: Leaving out the Demachi apartment to Osaka (met a different travel angel), visit the Udema Sky Building (and the Aloha Summer Festival show) and last meal together in Japan.
  • Saturday May 31st 2008: Train from Osaka to the airport, first flight in first class! (thank you to the group of Japanese students), 2nd flight in economy class with aeration down (big headache).

Complete Picture Albums

Here are my picture albums from Japan in 2008. Each picture has descriptions to understand what is shown.

The first three are about the cities I visited.

The fourth contains pictures of objects I brought back from my trip.

The last one contains pictures of Pompom, our trip mascot !!!

Here is the Pompom story:

We were climbing (you must always climb to visit places in Kyoto) to the Kiyomizu-dera

The road is packed of souvenir shops, and a small kid points to a small statue saying: "Pom Pom ! Pom Pom !"

His mother tells him something like "Yes yes" and the kid continues "Pom Pom ! Pom Pom !"

This scene made me laugh, and discover these statues.

I learned later on that they were in fact a Tanuki.

The kid must have called it Pom Pom because of the Pom Poko film.

There were plenty in many places we went: I must have taken "only" a third of them!

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the pictures.

Slideshow of the main attractions

Slideshow of 76 pictures of my trip:

Album Google Photos

Maps of the main attractions

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