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Paris 2007


Here is the summary of the things I did in my Paris 2007 trip:

Note: Italics shows that I didn't saw the inside

  • Monday April 23rd 2007: Meeting Lynda Lemay, Airplane and check-in at the hôtel Rive Gauche.
  • Tuesday April 24th 2007: easy day, supper with Secosse and walk from St-Lazare station to La Madeleine church
  • Wednesday April 25th 2007: Notre-Dame frontyard, St-Jacques tower (in repair), place Dauphine, square du Vert Galant and St-Germain-des-Prés church
  • Thursday April 26th 2007: Lavirotte building (29 avenue du Rapp), Tour Eiffel, Trocadéro and knee ache :(
  • Friday April 27th 2007: Odéon, Luxembourg Gardens with Zara, Eugène Delacroix museum and supper at Moosehead
  • Saturday April 28th 2007: Fontainebleau (castle and city), Barbizon and St-Martin-en-Bière with Secosse
  • Sunday April 29th 2007: Rodin museum, Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Concorde place, La Madeleine church and Saint-Thomas d'Aquin church
  • Monday April 30th 2007: Georges Pompidou center, walk with Secosse in the 3rd and 4th boroughs, Vosges place, hôtel Sully, hôtel Salé (Picasso museum), Bastille (and Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain – 450 artists) and Corean restaurant with Secosse
  • Tuesday May 1stth 2007: Laundry day, Arche de la Défense and ice cream at Ben and Jerry's with Zara
  • Wednesday May 2th 2007: Garnier Opera, Vendome place (Ritz), Carnavalet museum, St-Paul - St-Louis church
  • Thursday May 3th 2007: hôtel de Salm (Palais de la Légion d'honneur), Solférino bridge, Orangerie museum, Orsay museum
  • Friday May 4th 2007: palais de Tokyo (Musée des Arts Modernes), Iéna place, FNAC St-Lazare, supper with Secosse, Amer Beton film at the Halles with Shymie and Secosse, Fontaine des Innocents followed with a drink at Petit Chatelet (Le Pti Chat)
  • Saturday May 5th 2007: Versailles castle (castle, Petit Trianon, Grand Trianon and Gardens) and the end of the knee ache ! :D
  • Sunday May 6th 2007: Jacquemart-André museum, Monceau park, porte Dorée, bois de Vincennes (Daumesnil Lake et amusement fair), Sarkozy's election and subway right after the riot at the Bastille
  • Monday May 7th 2007: Louvre museum, mussel supper on the Champs Élysées with Secosse and Spiderman 3 at the Rex
  • Tuesday May 8th 2007: Moulin Rouge, café des 2 moulins, marché de la butte and Abbesses subway in major repairs (Combo Amélie Poulain), followed with a farewell supper at Chez Tsou
  • Wednesday May 9th 2009: Airplane

Complete Picture Albums

Here are my picture albums from Paris in 2007. Each picture has descriptions to understand what is shown.

  • Paris 2007 - Almost all my trip: Pictures containing almost all my trip, that are not in an other album (mostly outside pictures, 254 pictures).
  • Paris 2007 - Castles: Pictures of castles: Fontainebleau castle (76 pictures) and Versailles castle (217 pictures).
  • Paris 2007 - Classic Museums: Pictures of classic art: Rodin museum (110 pictures), Orsay museum (58 pictures) and Louvre museum (113 pictures). For more pictures of the later two, please refer to last year albums.
  • Paris 2007 - Contemporary Museums: Pictures of contemporary art (ex: cubic) at George Pompidou center (108 pictures) et palais de Tokyo (32 pictures).
  • Paris 2007 - Mairie de Paris Museums: Pictures of Mairie de Paris museums: Grand Palais (18 pictures), Petit Palais (89 pictures) and Carnavalet museum (160 pictures). Those are free for the permanent expositions.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the pictures.

Slideshow of the main attractions

Slideshow of 46 pictures of my trip:

Album Google Photos

Maps of the main attractions

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