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Paris and Brittany 2006


Here is the summary of the things I did in Paris / France 2006 trip:

  • Sunday July 2nd 2009: airplane, easy day with Zara and Shymie
  • Monday July 3rd 2009: Panthéon, Lutece Coliseum and Montparnasse.
  • Tuesday July 4th 2009: Invalides (half of it, cause I forgot the 2nd camera battery :( ), Alexandre 3 Bridge (far), Notre Dame (towers only), Archaeological Crypt et Conciergerie.
  • Wednesday July 5th 2009: Louvre Museum, Reversed Pyramid and St-Sulpice (Combo Da Vinci Code).
  • Thursday July 6th 2009: Sainte-Chapelle, Middle Ages Museum, Invalides (2nd half) and Orsay Museum.
  • Friday July 7th 2009: Beaubourg District and les Halles, St-Eustache, Horloge du Temps and went to the train station to get Oca.
  • Saturday July 8th 2009: Japan Expo.
  • Sunday July 9th 2009: Surprise: Maple Sirup Pancakes !!! Arc de triomphe, Monmartre, Moulin de la galette, Sacré Coeur and Zidane: Headblow !!!
  • Monday July 10th 2009: Laundry day, followed by a walk from the Liberty Flame to the Eiffel Tower, then Notre Dame (inside).
  • Tuesday July 11th 2009: Very long walk with Zara and his sister, Secosse, Soket, Hyall and Lilou (Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Élysées, Place de la Concorde, Louvre outside) followed by a supper with Meng and Secosse's friend (but without Hyall and Lilou :( )
  • Wednesday July 12th 2009: Shopping with Soket, Maple Sirup Pancakes and TGV.
  • Wednesday night 12 to Sunday 16: Brittany with my cousin and the family of his friend.
  • Monday July 17th 2009: Airplane

Complete Picture Albums

Here are my picture albums from Central Europe in 2009. Each picture has descriptions to understand what is shown.

  • Almost all my trip: Picture Album containing almost all my trip, except those in the following (some Brittany pictures are at the end of this album !).
  • Louvre Museum: Picture Album taken in the Louvre Museum (don't look for the Mona Lisa, pictures are not allowed in this part of the Museum :( ).
  • Orsay Museum: Picture Album taken in the Orsay Museum.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the pictures.

Slideshow of the main attractions

Slideshow of 49 pictures of my trip:

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Maps of the main attractions

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